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Some days it’s cheaper to stay in bed!

Once upon a time there was a tree. 

It was a nice tree.  All spring and summer long it provided shade for our back yard.  Birds and squirrels call the tree home. 

This spring our tree has taken a beating by a series of thunderstorms along with high winds.  Earlier this week during a morning storm our tree lost a pretty good sized branch.  Being a good tree, it dropped the branch precisely on the deck I built last year.  The deck did not sustain any damage fortunately.  The felled branch was in a perfect position to be cut up to be disposed of.

Until today, I did not own a chainsaw.  My wife said after the branch fell “Fathers day is coming up, we should get a chainsaw!”.  I love gadgets and tools, so the idea of getting a chainsaw perked me up.  But what to get… I so rarely ever need a chainsaw, it seemed silly to spend a lot of money on one…  I ended up at a True Value Hardware store.  The sales clerk was very helpful.  I first looked at the rentals.. it really would make sense I thought to rent one.  At $65 a day, I quickly decided that I’d be better off buying one. 

After discussing my “chainsaw needs” with my personal shopper life coach it was determined that all I needed was the basic electric chainsaw for $49.95.  Yes, Electric.. ok.. all your wood cutting purists.. you’re snubbing your nose at me.. ELECTRIC… Ha!

I arrived at home and my son and I “assembled” the Electric chainsaw.  This process took approximately 30 minutes.  I began to cut up the branch and then it happened.  The chainsaw kicked as it hit one of the larger branches.  I was reaching to pull the extension cord out of the way when my hand ended up between the branch and the chainsaw.

Well, fortunately for me it was a brand new chainsaw.  The blade was EXTREMELY SHARP.  What felt like a scratch I quickly realized was a deep cut at the base of my small finger on my left hand.  Fortunately I did not sustain a serious injury, only a few stitches.  Heck I can even type without much discomfort.  Lesson Learned!

Electric Chainsaw – $49.95Emergency Room Visit – Stitches in my hand $300.00

The cost to have a branch removed from my deck – $100.00

A New Blog Topic – Priceless!

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