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Technology Update 4/6/09

 I’m a Blackberry Curve owner.  I have friends that are iPhone users and Palm Treo users.  Prior to drinking the Blackbery Kool-Aid, I was a Motorola Q owner.   I’m so happy I went with the Blackberry Curve last October.

In the last couple of weeks, Blackberry launched its own App store called App World.  I know.. all you iPhone users are saying “We’ve had our App Store forever…. Blackberry is just copying us!”… I say “Bring it on!” 

From time to time as I discover and hear about new Apps for the Blackberry, I’ll post them here! To start, here’s a cool App from Allsport GPS Platinum – Trimble Outdoors.


I’ve taken up walking daily for exercise.  Trimble Outdoors is a GPS App that lets you use your Blackberry Phone as a tracking device.   There are different modes for tracking your exercise including walking, running, road and mountain biking, trail runninng and board skiing. 

Each mode tracks your location by GPS, your speed, elevation and time from start to finish.  Upon closing a session, your data is uploaded automatically to Trimble Outdoors website.  Your GPS location is matched to Google Maps and Google Earth.  Below is the screenshot map from my walk today.


As you can see, my trail is overlayed onto streets around my home.  I started my walk on Thornton Ave and purposely ended the tracking on SW 29th to be able to show a start and finish in two locations.  In order to really appreciate this App, I’m going to share the actual links to my Trimble Outdoors website.

Full Trip Report   (Be sure and click on Google Earth View)
Elevation Profile 

The best part of this App????   IT’S FREE!!!!!!!  How Cool Is That!!!!

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