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Des Moines Farmers Market Is BACK!!!!


Ahh a sign that Spring Is Officially Here!  The Des Moines Farmers Market is back in business again!!  Every Saturday from May through October you will find thousands of people flocking to Court Avenue between 5th Street and Water Street (1st Street).  It opens at 7am and ends at noon, but from our experience, the best time to go is around 9:00am… it seems that the early crowd has been there and left… and the late morning crowd doesn’t arrive until about 10:00… Don’t let me fool you, it’s still elbow to elbow in spots, but we clearly could see that more people were that at 10:00 as we left.DSC_0003

The Market boast over 200 vendors this year with products ranging from the obvious fruits & vegetables to wines, arts, crafts and jewelry just to name a few.  The Market allows people to bring their dogs to the event.  If you’ve read my blogs in the past, you’ll know that Willie, my West Highland Terrier gets to go frequently to Farmers Market.

Willie didn’t go this week because we had a special guest with us this weekend.  My oldest daughter, Lindsay brought her fiancé’s son, Patton with us to the market.  Patton is almost 7 years old and could be described as the splitting image of Dennis the Menace.  In looks only… he’s a well behaved young man.


We followed our typical path around the Market stopping to look at different displays and for me to take a picture or two along the way. 


I have a complete set of pictures from The Farmers Market over the last couple of years.  You can view them by going to my Flickr page.

I’m planning on going to as many Farmers Market events as I can this year!  I hear that West Des Moines has a great Farmers Market during the week… I’ll be sure and blog about my experiences there!

~ Les

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