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MLS Map Placement – Are Your Listings Being Found? Wanna Bet?

I was running a search on our MLS today and noticed that one listing in particular was showing up even though it was in a different area of town.  I had created my search to include all homes in the area “DMW” Des Moines West.  It made me think “Why don’t agents check their listings when they are placed on the MLS for correct map placement?”  So I expanded my map view and look at what I found.  Eight properties listed as Des Moines West that are clearly out of the area.  The 7 listings all clumped together should be in Des Moines Northwest and the single one in the upper left corner is an Urbandale property.

Almost every search in our MLS is conducted using Area as a criteria.  What would you bet that these 8 listings are not getting as many showings as they could right now?  What would you bet that every seller would be furious if they knew their listing was not listed in the proper area?  What would you bet that even if I sent an email to each of these agents that they would not even know the area borders?

Take the extra couple of minutes when you get a listing and verify that the map location is correct.  Anyone want to bet me if these listings will be corrected in the next 7 days?

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