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Did We Dodge A Big Snowstorm?

Sunday, February 21, 2010
by Les Sulgrove

Are we living right this weekend in Des Moines?  Do we deserve a break in the weather department?  Did someone pull some strings and give our snow shovels a breather?

The image above was captured at 4:00pm here in Des Moines and by all indications, it appears that we are going to be missed by this latest weather event!  I for one am not upset that we aren’t beating the snowfall record.  I am pretty sure that we’ll hit it even without the help of this storm.

My son and I were out widening the opening to our driveway today as well as knocking about 3 feet off the pile of snow that was keeping us from being able to safely pull out of our driveway.  With each snowfall, all the snow from the driveway ends up on either side and until today’s trimming, there was a 6 foot wall of snow and ice at the end of my drive.  It was like an archaeological dig as we chopped through the top layers, down through the ice layers from our January ice storm… We didn’t find any fossils or frozen elephants from the last ice age..

Now that I’m inside, all warm and sore from digging, I thought I’d share a new weather related website.  It’s the one that I took the screen capture from above.  The link will take you a Des Moines map, but if you want to change the site to better match your city or neighborhood, just enter your city or zip code and the new map will appear!

The website is located at but if you click on the image below it will take you directly to their full screen weather page.  Enter your city or zip code and have fun watching the weather!  There are tab options across the top that let you see Temperature, Precipitation (still or in motion) and cloud cover.  I’m anxious to see this site work when we move into our spring thunderstorm season.

Here’s a shortend URL if the image link above doesn’t work.

Does anyone remember what the crack of lightening sounds like or the smell of a thunderstorm rolling in?

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