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Iowa Real Estate Solutions, LLC is One Year Old!


On August 17, 2008, I had hit a wall.  I was frustrated in my current job and was up late that night.  I sat in front of my computer contemplating what I wanted to do and more importantly, what was “The Perfect Job”.  I opened up Google Documents and wrote out the following:

The Perfect Job.
Employer:  Self Employed Real Estate Educator.
Accreditation: Real Estate School licensed by the Iowa Real Estate Commission.
Job Description:  Independent trainer of real estate license law and sales skills.  Education provider for continuing education credits.
Area of Specialization:  Use of current technology in the real estate business.
Contracted Associations:  Des Moines Area Association of REALTORS, IAR School of Real Estate
Services Offered:
Computer Technical Troubleshooting
General Computer Maintenance
Mobile Communication Setup & Troubleshooting
MLXchange Training & Troubleshooting
Basic & General Computer Training
Technology Consultation

I didn’t realize it at the time, but the process of putting those goals in writing set in motion the events that would lead me to take a leap of faith and start up my own company.  It was over a year later before I actually jumped ship, but I have not looked back since then!  And today, at the one year mark, I find it exciting to have reached many of the goals of my “Perfect Job” list!

With a couple of minor exceptions, I’m pretty much running my business exactly as I envisioned it when I wrote the list down in 2008.  I’m not contracted with Des Moines Area Association of REALTORS® or IAR School of Real Estate, but I am able to offer continuing education classes through and agreement with Mid-America School of Real Estate.  Thanks Ken Clark for helping make that happen!

I LOVE what I’m doing and take on each day with excitement and enthusiasm!  If I can make it in these challenging times, just imagine how well I’ll do when the economy recovers.

So today, September 16, 2010, Iowa Real Estate Solutions, LLC is officially ONE YEAR OLD! 
Thank you to everyone that helped me along the way!

If you are curious about what Iowa Real Estate Solutions, LLC is all about, click on the link below to download my company brochure or head over to

Click HERE for a Company Brochure

Willie (Large)Les Sulgrove
Iowa Real Estate Solutions, LLC

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