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18 Ways To Improve Your Listing In The MLS


1.  Take GOOD photos of your listings… Seasonably Correct – Use Common Sense – Exterior Front Photo as #1 Photo.

2.  Enter the CORRECT Address… Including Zip Code

3.  Area… For Heaven’s Sake, Enter the correct AREA… If your home is located in Des Moines Northeast… Make sure you have DMNE as the AREA.  You aren’t doing your seller or buyers any favors if they can’t find your listing when running a search.

4.  Map… Verify your listing is appearing in the correct map location. If it is not, data entry staff can move the map pin.

5.  Data… REVIEW YOUR LISTING DATA.. and then REVIEW IT AGAIN.  You have a fiduciary duty to your seller to properly market their property.  Don’t be sloppy….

6.  Public Remarks…. Very important for Internet search engines.  Remember, NO PERSONAL PROMOTION in the Public Remarks and not Website URL’s.

7.  Agent Remarks… USE THIS to tell other agents about your property.  Special showing instructions…. Short Sale notice.. Most of the listings have NOTHING in Agent Remarks.

8.  How To Show… Enter the SELLERS phone number as an option to set up showings.  THEY want their home shown… THEY will return phone calls…

9.  Lockbox…. Install this immediately on the front door or somewhere that you don’t have to be a gymnast to access it.  It provides tracking of showings and SELLERS WANT THEIR HOME SHOWN.

10.  Occupied Status… If the home is VACANT.. Say so in the Occupancy Status.. this is NOT the time to go on a POWER TRIP. 

11.  Upload Documents To The MLS… Our MLS allows you to upload Seller Disclosures, Restrictive Covenants, Home Owner Assn Documents… and MORE.  Save it as a PDF and Upload it.  Do Not Hold Showing Agents Hostage for Sellers Disclosures!

12.  Virtual Tours…. Buyers want to see the home on their terms and at their leisure.  Virtual Tours allow your property to be shown 24/7/365.  It is very inexpensive today to produce a Virtual Tour.

13.  Correct Parcel Number…  If your data entry staff is not using Auto-Population option in MLXchange, they are unduly wasting their time and opening themselves up for errors.  Auto Pop ensures consistency and accuracy. 

14.  Agent Contact Info…. If you have incorrect or old contact information in your MLS settings, you are shooting yourself and your sellers in the foot.  We aren’t mind readers… Update your contact info.

15.  Accurate Directions…  “SEE MAPQUEST” Is NOT giving directions… It should be a fineable offense in my opinion.  Use East, West, North, South when describing how to get to your property.  NOT Turn Left… or Turn Right…  Do I have to explain that one???

16.  Price… In the old days, you could have an edge by listing a property with an “odd price”… ie:  147,933….   Today, most buyers are searching by the Internet.  If your list price is close to a major price point, then list it at a round number.. for example… $200,000.  NOT $199,900…  $200,000 is found when a buyer searches  $200,000 to $225,000 AND $175,000 to $200,000.  Think in terms of Brackets.

17.  Promote Your Listings… Use MLXchange Agent Website links to promote your listings as a hyperlink in your email address or on your website.  Or Blog.  Or Facebook.  Or EVERYWHERE YOU ADVERTISE!

18.  TAKE RESPONSIBILITY!  You are a Professional!  Act Like One!  Cooperate and Go The Extra Mile!  Verify Your Listing For Accuracy.  If you don’t do a good job, there are over 1,400 other agents out there that would LOVE to do your job!

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