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Mini Milestones–DMAAR Pendings Pass The 1,000 Mark

It was just a matter of time before we hit the 1,000 mark of total Pending transactions.  As you can see in the graphic below, the green represents 2011 Pending transactions.  The Blue line represents 2009 Pendings and the Red 2010 Pendings.  It is no surprise that we are behind last years Pendings, in fact, I don’t expect us to keep up the pace set last year by the last 4 months of Stimulus generated business.   However, I am encouraged that we are beating 2009 numbers.  2009 was also under the tax stimulus, so for us to be “off the medicine” and beating a stimulus year says that the market is recovering!  Just how far ahead of 2009 are we?  About a week according to last years numbers.  Additionally, the last time we were above 1,000 total Pendings was on November 27th of last year.  With the warmer weather, just like Tulips, the market is pushing through earlier!


To see this chart in full size view, go to  The full size chart is from last Friday.  Check back every Saturday morning to see what happened during the last week!

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