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January Is Off Like A Rocket

A New Year, A New Look

Yellow – Seller’s Market.
Blue – Balanced Market.
Red – Buyers Market.


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2017 is going to be a great year. I’m a person that thrives around change. I look for the best in what comes my way. Whether it’s an opportunity to start a business relationship with a new client, make a new friend, renew an old friendship or learn something new, I am a welcoming person for change. That doesn’t mean I throw out all of the past ideas, or begin to dislike someone or something. Life is too short to be miserable and too long to live it unhappy.

With that philosophy out of the way, let me tell you what I’m doing! I am going to spend less time writing and more focusing on visuals. The old and wise saying “A picture is worth a thousand words” applies more today than anytime that I can remember. When was the last time you sent a lengthy email to someone and they only responded to the first sentence or question? More and more people are like that today. Send them that same email in bullet point fashion and they will more than likely respond to at least half if not all of the questions. I have decided that moving forward, I provide bullet point facts in the form of simple, easy to understand and comprehend visuals. I am retooling this monthly email in a way that it can be viewed from a mobile device to a full computer. I’m always willing to listen to suggestions and make changes as needed. So beginning now, here is the new and improved monthly update.

The Busiest Months Last Year – May & June.
More Pending’s Than Homes For Sale
Means More Buyers Than Sellers.


Jan17ActiveGraphicHomes For Sale Are Over 12% Lower
Than This Time Last Year


Jan17PendingGraphicPending Sales Are Right At Last Years Pace


Jan17SoldGraphicClosed Transactions Also On The Same Pace
As Last Year At This Time.


Jan17MOIGraphicHomes Are Selling Faster
By Almost A Full Week!


~Les Sulgrove, Broker

If you are interested in selling your home or purchasing a home, give me a call! I will help you determine your best strategy based on your local market data.

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