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Ice Dams Causing Roof Damage In Des Moines

This winter has been an unusual one to say the least.  I’ve lived in my home for the last nine years and I have never had problems with ice like I’ve had this year.  Ice dams occur when snow accumulates on a roof and a combination of warm outside air causes the outer layer of snow to melt into an ice cap and at the same time heat escapes through the interior of the home into the attic.  The warm air in the attic causes the layer of snow against the shingles to melt and during the course of several days, the melting continues above and below, yet the middle of the snow remains frozen.  The mass of ice slowly slides down the roof and accumulates in the gutter.  Worst case scenario, the ice dam can pull down the gutters and ultimately work up under the edge of the gutters and cause sub roof damage. 

So why are some homes experiencing this ice dam and others aren’t?  It all has to do with attic insulation and adequate ventilation in the attic area.  I had an energy audit of my home by MidAmerican Energy and it was determined that I needed more insulation… I know.. SHOCK! right?  So now I’m suffering from ice dams (or is it the other way around)…
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Today I removed the snow from the front, lower level roof on the house.  An inch of rain is predicted for Saturday.  I wanted to see if I removed the ice and snow from the edge of the roof and cleared the ice out of the gutters if the rest of the snow on the roof would melt with the rainfall.  Will it work?  I’ll report back next week… after the rain…

ice dam

Des Moines Real Estate Statistics Week Ending 1-22-10

Total Number of Homes For Sale in the Des Moines Area – 4461
New Listings Taken During the Last 7 Days – 226
Accepted Offers (Pendings) During the Last 7 Days – 101
Homes Closed (Solds) During the Last 7 Days – 55
Average Sale Price of Solds – $154,230
Average Days On Market of Solds – 100

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Desoto, Granger, Grimes, Indianola, Johnston, Norwalk,
Pleasant Hill, Polk City, Urbandale, Van Meter ,Waukee,
West Des Moines, Windsor Heights, Winterset

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